Statistics: Over 80 illnesses are known to be autoimmune diseases, including cancer, type I diabetes, obesity, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (hypothyroidism), metabolic syndrome (an inability to lose weight), rheumatoid arthritis, vasculitis, Grave’s disease, ulcerative colitis, gastritis, Celiac disease, autoimmune hepatitis, and eczema.

Who knew?!?!

This isn’t common knowledge, but for the few of us that are aware of this common link there lies a powerful opportunity hiding within these statistics (if you know how to ‘connect the dots’).

And it doesn’t stop here.  Scientists suspect possibly as many more diseases will eventually be considered autoimmune diseases once the research is complete.

With this many serious health issues all connected to this single hub, where’s the opportunity?

Actually, it’s right in front of us.

The bad news is…

Many will suffer and many lives will be lost, needlessly, because conventional medicine still focuses on symptoms and specific diseases, so it (conventional medicine) is not looking in the direction of where this opportunity lies.

The good news is…

YOU can look in the direction where the opportunity lies because there’s already a lot of research showing us the biological actions that set up an autoimmune response.

Instead of looking at the specific autoimmune disease (i.e. cancer, hypothyroidism, metabolic syndrome / an inability to lose weight, obesity, diabetes, etc) and trying to fix that specific problem in a specific way, the better choice is to look at what set that illness, disease or condition into action in the first place.

This gets us CLOSER to the SOURCE of the problem.

So, for simplicity, we’d name all these things AUTOIMMUNE diseases or better yet, we’d name them all autoimmune symptoms and we’d realize there are many different ways that AUTOIMMUNE disease presents or expresses itself and all of these ways are symptoms of autoimmune disease.

Same condition (autoimmunity), just different forms of autoimmunity.

This lets us get one step closer to the cause.

But, while we’re at it, let’s go one more step.

And the next step is for us to look at WHAT causes this ’cause’? In other words, WHAT cases an autoimmune condition?

This step is really easy because there’s fascinating research that’s already been done that shows us the biological actions that set up an autoimmune reaction in the body.

And the ‘key’ is that when we find the things that create the autoimmune response we’ll make a change (or changes) in what we’re doing so that we’ll no longer be doing the things that cause the body to have an autoimmune response.

Pretty simple…right?

Now there are a handful of biochemical reactions that can set the autoimmune response in motion.

Today, we’ll look at one of them.

And it’s a very important one, so let’s dig in (don’t worry, it’s actually very simple… and science that’s easy to understand is really quite fascinating… don’t ya think?).

I’m going to explain this like ‘connect the dots’… one numbered fact leads to another and within no time the whole picture comes together.

1. Every cell of your body makes enzymes

2. There are different kinds of enzymes.

3. 62 different enzymes are inhibited by fluoride.

4. Enzymes work like a lock-and-key mechanism.

5. Enzymes are like a key and the things they interact with are like a lock.

6. Fluoride changes the shape of 62 different enzymes.

Here’s how:

1. Enzymes are long chain proteins held in shape by hydrogen bonds.

2. Fluoride hydrolyzes enzymes (in other words, it removes their hydrogen bonds).

3. Without the hydrogen bond, the shape of the enzyme collapses.

Here’s why that’s a bad thing…

1. These collapsed proteins are seen by the body’s immune system as ‘foreign’ to the body.

2. The body tracks down where this ‘invader’ is coming from, and the enzyme is ‘tagged’ in a way that tells your immune system that this ‘invader’ is originating from certain cells and UNFORTUNATELY those cells are your own cells and now…


You see…

The immune system is trained to hunt down what’s creating this ‘foreign invader’ and destroy it, so the immune system begins to attack your own cells, organs, and tissues. Your immune system is now attacking your body!

So this is a no brainer…

Since fluoride is in most tap water, many of the bottled waters, as well as, in many privately owned springs and wells… you can see why reading the annual water analysis report for whatever water you plan to drink is extremely important if you’re facing or want to avoid an autoimmune disease.


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Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only.  It is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness, health challenge, or disease.  If you have a medical issue, seek the advice of a doctor or other health care professional.

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