Recipe for Alzheimer’s



Add fluoride and aluminum to water. Mix and drink daily.


Use the liquid created from combining the 3 ingredients above to make soup, tea, coffee, soda, ice cubes, energy drinks and to reconstitute pasteurized fruit and vegetable juice concentrates.

When fluoride and aluminum are present at the same time, fluoride assists aluminum to bypass the blood-brain barrier causing the formation of beta-amyloid plaques.

These plaques are the classic brain abnormalities in Alzheimer’s disease.

But everyone knows not to consume aluminum, right?

Yes, most people do.

But… most people DON’T know that some of the high-end bottled water contains both fluoride and aluminum.

And…  most people DON’T know their municipal (tap) water could contain both fluoride and aluminum.

When I looked at the annual water analysis report for Southern California, it revealed that the Southern California municipal (tap) water contained both aluminum and fluoride!

Furthermore, a client of mine asked me to review a water analysis report for a ‘spring’ located at 164th St., Lynnwood, Washington.

Many people in Seattle and neighboring areas frequent this ‘spring’ to get what they believe to be PURE – CLEAN spring water, free from all contaminants.

Yep… it’s a lot of work driving there, filling your bottles, and lugging them home, but that’s okay because they’re getting PURE – CLEAN spring water, free from all contaminants… Right?


After reviewing the analysis report, I found the ‘spring’ was really an artesian WELL and the water contained fluoride and aluminum along with other undesirable contaminants.


I cannot stress how imperative it is to read and analyze the water analysis report for any water you plan to drink.

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